Working hard in school isn’t always easy, but Joshua Anderson, a senior at St. Louis Park High school, persisted— and it paid off.  As a reward for all of his hard work, he received this year's William F.

 An approaching storm was the inspiration for this shot by St. Louis Park photographer Jeff Liss.

Photography is more than just a hobby for Jeff Liss; he considers it his passion. This St. Louis Park resident, who studied mass communication in college, has been taking pictures since 1972, and is never without a camera.

It’s time once again for local photography enthusiasts to focus on their chance to see their pictures of our community in an upcoming issue of St. Louis Park Magazine.

St. Louis Park's Cedar Lake Trail.

In the years following World War II, St. Louis Park experienced incredible growth, as many people flocked to this convenient location due west of Minneapolis. Although it was established as a city in 1955, focusing only on the recent era discounts the rich history of this first-ring suburb.