Britta Babel Is a Local Resident Who Has Found a Big Way to Advocate for Cancer Patients

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) is a partner organization of the American Cancer Society (ACS) with the ability to lobby and advocate for the ACS to members of state and national government. Britta Babel, a young Lowry Hill East resident,
is a passionate volunteer.

The cause is near to her heart—Babel lost her mother to cancer at 9. As she grew up she continuously sought ways to support ACS and cancer research, but during and after college, she discovered an interest in policy. This is where she felt she could do work that would make a lasting impact. Babel is an ACT Lead for Congressional District 5. She acts as a contact person, sends letters and advocates for beneficial policies for anyone in Minnesota battling cancer.

Babel hopes “we continue to have policies that actually help make a long-term impact on the health care people ...receive,” she says. One item of great importance to Babel is palliative care, focusing on the quality of life for patients with any illness. Babel credits palliative care with many good moments with her mom before she passed, moments where she was able to be happy and more comfortable despite her illness. Babel works with ASC CAN to make sure this type of care is available to people across our state.

She recommends volunteering with CAN to anyone who cares about policies and advocacy for those battling cancer. She says it’s a simple and tangible way to make your voice heard. No matter what you care about, Babel says, that’s the most important thing: “Make your voice heard about the issues that matter to you,” she says.