Books, Animals and a Touch of Magic: Wild Rumpus is an Imagination Haven

The bookshelves at Wild Rumpus. Above, a boat is affixed to the ceiling.
Let your imagination run wild at Wild Rumpus.

WIld Rumpus was voted Best Place for Kids' Activities in our Best of City South 2019 readers' choice survey.

Since 1992, Wild Rumpus has been a staple in the Linden Hills neighborhood, known for its great selection of children’s books, a special entryway for its younger patrons and its wild inhabitants.

In addition to books, Wild Rumpus has ten resident animals. There are the cats Booker T. and Walter Dean; Mexican fireleg tarantula Thomas Jefferson; doves Mo and Curly; mice Mrs. Who, Mrs. Which and Mrs. Whatsit; chicken Neil deGrasse Tyson; cockatiel Dave; and chinchillas Caldecott and Newbery.

The store is named after Maurice Sendak’s classic book Where the Wild Things Are. The late owner, Tom Braun, was inspired to open the store by Anne Mazer’s The Salamander Room. Braun wanted to transform the shop into a magical place for books just as the salamander transformed the main character’s room into a magical forest, so he brought in the animals to help.

The store creates a perfect environment for its guests. Wild Rumpus offers readings every Monday for little ones who like to hear new stories. And, of course, animal lovers are always welcome to visit.

Wild Rumpus Books
2720 43rd St. W., Minneapolis
Facebook: Wild Rumpus Books for Young Readers