Book Talk

Co-authors describe their book, lives and collaboration.

Hayim Herring and Terri Martinson-Elton were strangers until they decided to write a book together. The idea started with Herring, who served as rabbi at Beth El Synagogue in Minneapolis until 1995, was Assistant Executive Director of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation (which is like the United Way of the Jewish community), was the founding executive director of a national foundation related to congregational innovation and rabbinical leadership development, and for the past seven years, has been the CEO of his own consulting firm, which focuses on preparing today's leaders for tomorrow's organizations. He has written three books over the last 6 years, available through his Amazon author page

Elton is an associate professor of leadership at Luther Seminary and comes from a different faith background. Their book together, Leading Congregations and Nonprofits in a Connected World, capitalizes on their diverse points of view. Its mission is for congregations and organizations "to be structured in a way that invites dialog, engagement and an ongoing effort to bring people in touch with those who share a desire to have a positive impact in the world," says Herring. Also a goal, he says: to enrich the organizational and community-driven practices of congregations, nonprofits and their leaders.