Searching for Super Students

Story ideas, including potential Prep Elite candidates, are welcome.

The brutal blast of New Year's cold certainly captured everyone's attention; who would have thought that 30 degrees would have been such a relief?  At St. Louis Park Magazine, believe it or not, I'm already planning our late spring and summer issues. As always, we welcome your story ideas about the people, places, events, organizations and activities that are happening in our community -- I'd love to hear your warm weather suggestions.  

And along those lines, I'm even thinking about our annual Prep Elite issue, published in August each year, which highlights several outstanding high school seniors (in this case, the class of 2014-15) and their various accomplishments in areas such as community service, the arts, academics, sports and leadership. The students can either attend at St. Louis Park area school or be a resident of St. Louis Park and attend high school elsewhere.  The Prep Elite story is one of my favorites-- over the years,  I've had the opportunity to talk to some pretty extraordinary young people whom I think are going to go on and do great things.  

If there is a student you'd like me to know about, send me an e-mail at Please include their contact information, as well as your info. Or if you have stories to share about younger students and families making a difference in the community or others who have interesting tales to tell, I'd love to know more about them, too.