The Best Spring Beers from Local Breweries


With spring holidays around the corner, if you plan on bringing beverages to any special gathering, consider purchasing beer brewed by some of these regional breweries.

Disgruntled: At first blush, Perham might look like a strange place to brew great beer, but the tiny town (pop. 3,000) is home to Disgruntled Brewing, which is all about brewing great world-class beer.

Wild Mind Ales: This south Minneapolis brewery delivers funky, wild beers, which buck convention and stretch the flavor profiles of what beer can be. Whether it’s a barrel-fermented sour or a heavily hopped IPA, its wild yeast makes each beer unique and packed with a depth of flavor.

Drastic Measures: Located in Wadena, this spot is known for a slew of different hazy IPAs. However, don’t be surprised to see a sour or stout popping up every so often.

Brewing Projekt: Located in Eau Claire, Wis., its mission is to create darn good beer. Boring isn’t its style.


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