Quebracho Brings Argentinian Delicacies to Minneapolis


Minneapolis-based pop-up and caterer, Quebracho Charcuterie & Pies, has literally “popped-up” in various locales, making a name for itself among aficionados of charcuterie and savory pies, including small hand pies, empanadas and highly ornamented creations like pâtés en croute and galantine platters. Owned by Argentina-native Belen Rodriguez, Quebracho is bringing Argentinian flavors to diners looking for a unique dining experience.

Rodriguez opened the doors of Quebracho in late 2018. “I feel a lot in my life has contributed to this idea. I come from the Argentine pampas, my family has a business in the beef industry, family cookouts are the norm every Sunday and I just realized I enjoyed everything about working with animal protein,” Rodriguez says.

While the empanadas may be a simpler bite, they hold a special place in Rodriguez’ menu. A typical food from back home she would commonly enjoy with her family or friends, the empanadas somehow have helped bring on the vision of a family Sunday in Argentina.

“The charcuterie and ornamented pies are my creative space,” Rodriguez says. “I love taking the time to work on each particular project, whether its butchering or coming up with original designs for pies and pâtés en croûte.”

As a pop-up, Quebracho makes guest appearances at different shops in town. While the company doesn’t have a storefront yet, they’ve partnered with Lowry Hill Meats and (the recently closed) Dulceria Bakery to run monthly pop-ups where Rodriguez serves a rotating selection of their menu.

Rodriguez wants people to have the experience of a family Sunday in Argentina.

“These are all wonderful opportunities for us to connect with our customers, have them try our food and hear what they’d like to see us doing,” Rodriguez says.

Within two months of inception, Quebracho outgrew the commissary kitchen Rodriguez rented, so she started sub-leasing space at St. Genevieve, one of Steven Brown’s restaurants in south Minneapolis. This has opened up the catering avenue for Quebracho as well.

“We basically offer three options: take-away catering, a perfect option for the simpler events—you place an order and pick it up at the restaurant. The second option is cocktail party catering, where hors d’oeuvres are presented on a table allowing guests to serve themselves. Our team will deliver and present the food so that you can enjoy yourself and focus on your guests,” Rodriguez says. “And finally, the third option is private chef dinners—a unique option for the smaller intimate events, where I will sit with you and help you plan a personalized menu.”

After busy winter holidays, the group took a brief break to plan their schedule for the upcoming spring and summer; they recently announced a series of events with Minneapolis Craft and Vintage Markets and will release more details soon; check online for updates.

Meet the Galantine

Galantines are an elaborate preparation, a classic French dish that looks like a meat-wrapped pate. It’s made from poultry, meat or fish that is boned and stuffed with a forcemeat, which is often studded with pistachio nuts and olives. The stuffed meat roll is formed into a loaf, poached and then chilled, glazed and garnished.

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