Local Jewelry Store Max’s Stocked with Special Offerings for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day
 is for celebrating love and showing our affection for the important people in our lives, be they a partner, friend, parent or child. Max’s Jewelry prides itself on offering great gifts, specifically the Valentine’s classics—chocolate and jewelry. 

Owner Ellen Hertz gained her inspiration for the shop from her grandfather Max, who owned a jewelry store in Detroit for 54 years. Having been immersed in that environment, she knew one day she would open her own shop selling jewelry as well as chocolate.

Hertz knows Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in many ways, so she makes sure to stock a wide array of chocolates, which she finds to be a popular gift item, “including self-gifting,” she says. Chocolates include Dolfin Chocolate Company’s dark chocolate with fig and vanilla salt from Madagascar. She also offers chocolates with red hearts impressed into the bar. 

One of the special jewelry lines Hertz is carrying for Valentine’s Day is the Tatas Collection by Carrie Hoffman. Hoffman is a fine-jewelry maker who released a small line of breast-inspired jewelry, featuring a necklace and stud earrings. As a breast cancer survivor, Hoffman felt it was important to not only express gratitude for those working to cure cancer, but also to celebrate the beauty of a woman’s body. The jewelry’s shape resembles a woman’s breast, and pieces are set with a selection of colored stones including garnet, topaz and black diamond. Hoffman donates a portion of her proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Hertz donates a portion of her sales to the University of Minnesota’s Masonic Cancer Center. 

“As someone who woke up from what I like to call the ‘happy side’ of the biopsy knife over 10 years ago, but who must get checked out every six months ‘just in case,’ I have tremendous respect for Carrie using her skills as a designer to help move the research along to conquer the dreadful disease of breast cancer,” says Hertz.

Two other special jewelry lines carried by Max’s are Foundrae and Erica Molinari. Foundrae is a New York-based company that creates medallions and rings in a variety of collections such as “Tenets,” which includes symbols for resilience, karma and protection, and the elements fire, earth, water and wind. “Think of them as modern heirlooms that allow you to express something highly personal to the world,” says Hertz. 

The Erica Molinari collection was created by the Olympic luge team member and focuses on personalized pieces. The collection includes a set of two-sided charms that allow clients to choose quotes and designs that represent them.

“Personalization is huge in the world of jewelry right now,” says Hertz.

Max’s Jewelry
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