How to Organize Your Fridge


Many people struggle to keep their refrigerator organized. The trick is to create “homes” or designated zones for your food items. For example, use clear bins to make permanent stations for grocery staples. For instance, have a bin for all your dips and sauces, another for snacks (great for keeping healthy options accessible), and our favorite: a lunch and meal prep bin.

Mornings are one of the busiest times of the day. Being able to sort out yours and your kids’ lunches ahead of time is a serious time saver. The same theory applies to having items prepared for the week’s meals. Then when you’re ready for them, simply grab that night’s dinner out of the “meal prep” bin.

Another area of fridge contention can be finding room for beverages. They often take up a ton of valuable refrigerator real estate. An easy solution is to go vertical. Decanting beverages into tall clear carafes and using stackable beverage holders are easy ways to free up loads of extra space but still keep your beverages accessible.

Ashley McCarthy and Lindsay Cisewski are co-owners of Style and Dwell, an Edina based home organization business. 


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