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St. Louis Park resident Jackie Walter speaks the language of parties—colorful bundles of balloons, scrumptious cupcakes with swirls of frosting and sprinkles in every color under the sun, decorative paper plates and metallic gold silverware, and the giddy smile on the guest of honor’s face. Walter is the owner and founder of the Twin Cities–based business Sprinkles & Confetti, where busy hosts can customize the party of their dreams, online via the Sprinkles & Confetti website, and have all of the decorations and special details shipped to their house in a single box.

Walter began her journey as a host herself. “I was getting extremely busy with school-age children,” she says of the inspiration behind her business. “I love to be the party hostess but it would become more of a stress than a joyful experience.”

Walter is the busy mom of two kids—ages 3 and 5—and she also works a corporate job three days a week in addition to running Sprinkles & Confetti. So when it comes to understanding the busy lives of her clients, Walter is a pro. She created Sprinkles & Confetti to eliminate the stress of party planning and simply let the host enjoy the party along with the guests. Sprinkles & Confetti will also work with clients to create the party of their dreams. “It’s about throwing a party that you know the guest of honor will love,” Walter says. This could include centering the theme around a kid’s favorite toy, a bride’s favorite color, a couple’s cherished song and much more. There are also pre-made themes on the website, with the most popular being whimsical floral prints with pops of pink, yellow, green and orange, and the “Oh Baby” collection with shimmering gold details for a spectacular baby shower.

In addition to helping hosts put together the beautiful details of a party, for Walter, the business model is all about giving back. For every party Sprinkles & Confetti helps to create, Walter donates a portion of the proceeds to The Birthday Party Project, an organization that hosts birthday parties once a month for all the kids with birthdays that month living in a transitional housing facility. According to The Birthday Party Project website, “The Birthday Party Project’s Mission is to bring joy to homeless children through the magic of Birthdays. With the help of our birthday enthusiasts (volunteers), we host monthly birthday bashes at homeless and transitional living facilities across the country.” And “birthday enthusiast” is the perfect word to describe Walter. 

“Before the paperwork was even filed to become a business, I knew that if my mission was to bring joy, there would be a charity attached to it,” Walter says. Walter also volunteers with the organization—from helping facilitate games, to passing out cupcakes. “It’s a fun night with a lot of happiness and giggles,” Walter says. “You can just see the joy in their faces that this night brings.” The Birthday Party Project is a national organization, but they celebrate birthdays once a month locally at People Serving People and Passage Community in Minneapolis. Walter grew up near Detroit, Michigan after the collapse of the auto industry, in a time when jobs were scarce, and she is no stranger to those facing poverty or experiencing difficult times. “They just seem to be the right partner for me,” she says. “Spreading joy through birthdays—it’s just inspiring to me.”

That joy is often seen in the beaming and beautiful photos Walter receives from happy clients, and the Sprinkles & Confetti Instagram page is bursting with Pinterest-worthy parties and happy people—including a photo of a smiling golden retriever at the dog’s 1st birthday party, complete with a snazzy blue birthday hat, paw print balloons and a colorful bandanna with “Happy Birthday” written across it. “I love when clients send me photos of their parties,” Walter says. “I love doing this.”

Walter helps clients customize their party by having them fill out a party profile form on the Sprinkles & Confetti website with their hopes and desires for the party. Sprinkles & Confetti then acts like your own personal party planner, working with you to put together all of the decoration details. But before clients reach out to Sprinkles & Confetti, Walter has some party planning tips to share to help make your next party one for the happy memory record books.

“The number one tip I tell everyone is truly about planning,” Walter says. “Taking some moments to say, ‘What is important to me at this party?’” This might dictate time of day, color scheme, food options, guest list and more. “If it’s a child’s birthday party, you want them to be happy, so you might want to work the party around their scheduled nap time.” Once you know what is important to you at the party, Walter recommends creating a checklist for everything that needs to get done for the party—from sending out invitations to booking the venue to finding your perfect party outfit. “Everything starts with planning,” Walter says, “and it’s really easy to go down a checklist. Then we come in to make the decorations an easy step.” And as many hosts and hostesses know, the decorations can be difficult—from driving all around town to hit up the best party stores, to going the DIY route and experiencing a possible “Pinterest fail” moment. 

Moving forward, Walter hopes to grow her business. “I just want more people to know about us,” she says. “To help people plan more birthday parties, more bridal showers—helping save a lot of busy moms and busy hosts a lot of time. I just want to continue to spread the word.” But as her business grows, Walter continues to keep her values close to the vest. “We’re mom-owned, we’re Twin Cities-based—this is really about helping others.”

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