2017 Picture City South Photo Contest Winners

Every year, each Tiger Oak community lifestyle magazine title holds a photo contest. For us, it’s called “Picture City South,” and our debut was in 2017. With sincere apologies for the late announcement, winners of our first 2017 Picture City South photo contest follow. You will see/have seen many of these winners on our “Last Glance” page. Congratulations and thanks, 2017 winners!

Activities and Events:
First Place: Practicing for Duck Season, by Jeff Liss
Second Place: Making the Save, by Jeff Liss

City Landmarks:
First Place: Welcome Aboard, by Jo Davis
Second Place: Rainbows and Sunshine, by Jo Davis
Third Place: Curiosity, by Jo Davis
Honorable Mention: LOVE Each Other, by Jeff Liss

First Place: Lucy, by Jo Davis
Second Place: Winslow and the Toad, by Susan Spannaus

Wildlife and Nature:
First Place: Winter Beauty, by Mardo Charucc
Second Place: Oh, Dear, by Jeff Liss

Believe it or not, the 2018 contest is almost upon us. We’ll remind you again in August, but in the meantime, picture City South!